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Do I Really Need a Cover Letter?

Do I Really Need a Cover Letter?

By Theresa Neal

You’ve just developed the eye-catching, beautiful resume you need to land your dream job. How do you get people to look at it?

The truth is that while the resume is an important document, you may still need another tool if you want to command attention. Writing a custom cover letter is the easiest way to show your interest in a position while highlighting some of your best skills. Use this guide to learn more about cover letters and why one might help you gain a competitive edge.

Show You’re Listening

While some job postings don’t give you much to go on, the vast majority will include a detailed bulleted list of skills and experiences that will pertain to the perfect candidate. If you want to stand out, you need to mimic the language of the ad and get very specific. For example, if a hotel is looking for an HR generalist with hospitality experience, your cover letter should state your years of hospitality experience and then give specific examples of the times you have performed HR work in a hospitality setting. If a legal firm is seeking a project management consultant with a background in Agile, don’t just state that you’re aware of this methodology, but instead give examples of times you have used it. Your cover letter allows you space to focus and expand on your most relevant skills that your resume doesn’t provide.

Showcase Company Knowledge

Employers love interviewing people who have done their homework. Custom cover letters allow you to show that you have some existing knowledge of the company and what they stand for. Instead of writing “I thrive in fast-paced, customer-oriented environments,” you can relate your skill to the company’s culture. “[Company] is always looking for individuals who can keep up with the fast pace of the [industry] industry. My experience as a customer service manager has helped me develop strong multi-tasking skills that could be an asset to your company.”

Apply Faster

In some cases, a full resume revision isn’t necessary for each job application, or taking the time to create one can mean you’ll miss critical job openings. Having a professionally written cover letter for each position or industry you are applying for allows you to quickly turn in applications. Contact us today to learn more about custom cover letters and how they can have a significant impact on your job search.