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What is included in my package?

Please view our “services” page for specific details about each of our packages. Here is a brief overview of what is included in each package.

  • Resumes: Your resume order includes one standard resume focused either generally or on a specific career target, professional proofreading, revisions within a specified time period, and approval by a Certified Professional Resume Writer.
  • Additional Resume Versions: Additional resume versions include edits to your resume making them suitable for a different career target, and professional proofreading.
  • Cover Letter: Your cover letter order includes one standard cover letter focused either generally or on a specific career target, professional proofreading, revisions within a specified time period, and approval by a Certified Professional Resume Writer.
  • Additional Cover Letter Versions: Additional cover letter versions include edits to your cover letter making them suitable for a different career target, and professional proofreading.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn service includes 100% original profile development either uploaded electronically by us, where we can adjust media images, look/feel, etc., or via M,S Word document, where we can only provide text content.
  • Coaching/Consultation: Coaching includes advice and assistance with resumes, cover letters, interviewing, and any other aspect of the job search process.

Can I speak to you by phone? When will you get back to me?

Yes, you have the option to speak to your writer/coach by phone when you purchase any of our packages. However, speaking via phone is not a requirement. We understand that some people prefer to speak, while others prefer to email and text. We’re open to any form of communication with which you are comfortable.

Because we seek to offer each of our clients the most personalized service possible, we can’t guarantee that we will be able to respond to you immediately. Here’s a breakdown of our communication goals.

We strive to answer all calls and emails within one business day.
We strive to answer all text messages within two business hours.

We also prioritize emergency and urgent situations. If you have an emergency, the best way to reach us is by texting us. We will make every effort to prioritize your work to meet the needs of your deadline.

Please note that while phone calls are absolutely permitted and encouraged, we may have to limit the time and subject of the call to align with your purchases. For example, if you have purchased a resume service, feel free to call us about your resume! However, to discuss your LinkedIn profile, you will need to purchase either LinkedIn service or general coaching.

You can reach us by phone/text at 708-730-4694. You can email us at

Can you outline your process?

Sure! Our process is simple and has been proven to result in strong, customized resumes for each of our clients. Cookie cutter resumes don’t get jobs, so we have tailored our process to enable the most collaboration possible. Please note that if you are requesting a rush order, we will alter our process to ensure we can meet your deadline!

  • Step One: Upon purchase of the service and delivery of necessary documents (i.e. your old resume, transcripts, etc.), the first draft of your resume and cover letter or LinkedIn profile will be delivered within three to seven business days (with the day following your order as the first business day). In a rush? We can deliver a resume in as little as 24 hours, but a rush fee will apply.
  • Step Two: After delivery of the first draft, writers will work collaboratively and personally with you to make edits and prepare the final draft. We strive to return your revised resume within two business days after you have provided your feedback. However, the amount of revisions required or clarification needed may result in a longer turnaround time. We’ll be sure to maintain communication with you so you always know when to expect your draft.
  • Step Three: Once you approve your draft, we will send it to our proofreading department for final review. If you ordered all three services together, we’ll start your LinkedIn profile at this stage, as we now know all your information is correct and presents you in a positive light.

What will my first draft look like?

Your first draft will look great! We’ll input your information into a format that works for you, employers, and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), and we’ll work with the information and data you provided to present and rewrite it in a compelling manner. If you don’t have a lot on your current resume, we’ll use our industry knowledge to supplement your content and present it to you for approval to ensure this information is accurate.

We’ll also probably ask you some questions. We want to make sure your resume is as strong as possible, so as we work with your information, we perform gap analysis, identifying gaps in knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience. Then, we attempt to close those gaps by reaching out to you to gather additional duties, dates, locations, etc.

We’ll include those questions in the first draft of your resume so they will be easier for you to see and respond to. If you don’t want a collaborative process and prefer instead to get a finalized draft as your first draft, just let us know!

Once I receive my resume, will you make further changes?

Yes! With each of our packages, you receive 30 days of unlimited revisions of your resume, cover letter, and/or LinkedIn profile. We start the 30 days on the day you approve your finalized document. We make every effort to complete all revisions within two business days of their submission. However, the extent of changes and feedback required may impact the deadline.

You can use this time period to provide additional information, request changes, gather performance reviews and other items, or make any other changes to the resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile provided. This 30 days of revision does not include revisions for additional career targets. But we will be happy to develop additional resumes for other career targets at a discounted rate.

If I’m interested in multiple positions, can you write multiple resumes?

Of course! Many of our clients are considering transitioning to one or more different industries, or would like specific resumes prepared for different jobs. It is best to customize your resume for each open position, and we are happy to help you in this endeavor.

While additional resumes for different job or career targets are not included in the 30 days of revision that comes with every package, you can purchase them at a discounted rate. Please check out our “services” page for more information.

Do you offer a guarantee?

We do! All our products receive a 60-day interview guarantee. If you don’t receive an interview in 60 days, we will rewrite your resume, cover letter, and/or LinkedIn profile for free. Please note that this revision must be focused on the same industry or target as the original. There’s no cap on how many times you use this 60-day guarantee. However, we’re confident you’ll be getting interviews well within that time frame!

Do you have any references?

We have lots of reviews from our customers! You can read them here on our website or by visiting our Thumbtack profile. Unfortunately, we can’t give you references because this is a violation of our privacy policy.

What is your privacy policy?

We promise never to share your information with a third party. When you reach out to us, we will correspond with you via email, including sending regular emails with educational resources and job searching tips. If you ever don’t want to receive email from us, just let us know. If we use your resume as a sample, we’ll always completely change any identifying information first, such as names, addresses, companies, job titles, and numbers. If you don’t want us to use a modified version of your resume for a sample, just let us know!

Something has come up, and I can’t get you my information right away. What should I do?

There’s one thing you definitely shouldn’t do – worry! We know that life is hectic and things come up. If we need information from you but don’t hear from you within 72 hours, we’ll automatically put your order on hold so you don’t waste any of your revision time. Then, when you are ready to concentrate on the project, you’ll still have plenty of time to work with us and won’t need to rush. You can also ask to place your order on hold at any time – just send us an email or give us a call.

What is your refund policy?

All services ordered through Morley Career Solutions are non-refundable. When you place your order, we start working on it right away, so we can’t issue a refund because you’ve changed your mind or your target position becomes unavailable. Similarly, we can’t issue a refund if you don’t provide us with necessary information. But, we do offer two unique benefits to help make this process simple and flexible.

We can place your order on hold. If something comes up and you can’t get your information to us, don’t worry! We’ll automatically place your order on hold after 72 hours of not hearing from you. This way, you’ll be able to resume the project when you are ready without losing significant revision time. (Please see the question about delays in information for more information.)

We can revise your document. With any service, you receive unlimited revisions within 30 days. (Please see the policy regarding revisions for more information.) You also receive a 60-day guarantee with all of our services. If you don’t receive an interview within 60 days, we’ll re-write your document one time for free! (Please see our section on our guarantee for more information.)