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How Often Should I Update My Resume If I’m Employed?

How Often Should I Update My Resume If I’m Employed?

Between work, grocery shopping, family obligations, and get-togethers with friends or kids, life can get hectic! It’s easy to put updating your resume on the bottom of a to-do list that never gets done. But keeping your resume current is much easier – and more important – than you think.

When people have jobs for several years, they don’t usually see the point in having an updated resume. The truth is that this document can be used for more than a job search. It’s not uncommon for an employer to ask for your resume “out of the blue” when he or she lets you know that you are being considered for a promotion. If you plan to serve on a non-profit board or organizational committee, you’ll likely need a resume. Finally, if you are considering advanced education or certification, a resume is generally part of the application package. In short, it’s best to have an updated resume on hand to be sure you’re ready when given the opportunity to advance. Here are some examples of when you should update your resume according to your profession:



“Do I have any volunteers for the student party planning committee! It will look great on your resume!”

If you’ve ever heard something like this, you might be a college student! Professors and advisors often encourage students to join clubs, complete volunteer work, or apply for internships by suggesting that the activity will strengthen your resume, but if you aren’t updating your resume regularly, you are not getting the very real benefit that these activities promise.

Students who are employed but plan on applying to an internship or a higher position should update their resume once per semester. This allows them to easily add in new skills they have learned, volunteer work, or other activities that can help make up for their lack of career experience.


Entry-Level Employees

Employees who don’t plan on switching fields or moving up can update their resume whenever they change jobs. Some contractors may also fall into this category, updating their resume whenever they take on a new client or complete a project.


Mid-Level Professionals

Some mid-level professionals who have a job that suits them well may not plan on leaving any time soon. Even if they are planning on retiring after working for another two or three years, these professionals should consider making minor updates to their resume once per year. Not only will this ensure their latest achievements and skills will be included, it helps keep their resume on par with the competition. Resume trends change significantly over time, making older documents look very dated. Updating once per year allows you to adjust for these changes, whether it be modifying the font or adding in a few new keywords.

Corporate Executives

The higher up a person is, the more often they will need to update their resume. This is because they will likely have new achievements to add every few months. If they ever need to show off their credentials, their resume should highlight their most recent experience. It isn’t uncommon for executive-level professionals to make minor changes to their resume every few months.

Professionals who are not currently looking for work should update their resume often if they want to stand out among other candidates. Making slight adjustments every few months or once per year is a great way to make sure you are following the latest resume trends and include all of your achievements.

In the conclusion, add something about how updating your resume can help with your personal growth because it allows you to be intentional, analytical, and introspective. Also, include a call to action – they can learn more about how to update their resumes or consult a professional resume writing by contacting Morley Career Solutions.