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Yes, I exist. And yes, I’m here to help!

“To be honest, I didn’t know that people like you existed!”

This is one of the first statements that I hear from clients during initial consultations. 

It’s true — while career coach isn’t the most popular career on the planet, I can assure you that I’m not the only one. And I can also assure you that I love what I do — that’s why I want to help you do the same. Life is better when our work is fulfilling, and dare I say it — fun! 

So if you’re curious, feel free to book a call and talk with me about your career goals and challenges.

What is Your process like?

Because I used to be a professor, I’m going to give you a “professor” answer here — that depends! 

My process follows a few key steps. We always start with a free consultation / resume review so we both can ensure we’re a good fit to work together. Then, I send you a proposal, an invoice, and a questionnaire, which you fill out to the best of your ability. Next, comes some phone calls, text conversations, and a draft of your document or plan, which we’ll discuss during a Zoom or phone call. Finally, I’ll get to work on revisions and changes, we’ll meet to discuss, and you’ll start running in the direction of your dreams — with or without my support (as you prefer). 

Of course every situation is different, so exactly how the process is laid out depends on your needs and timeline. This is something we cover during out initial call.

What are your fees?

Because I offer customized services, my fees depend on the job. We will clearly discuss fees during your initial call with me. I also work with non-profit organizations and scholarship programs to provide reduced-rate programs and services.

What are your credentials?

Morley Career Solutions was founded more than 10 years ago by Miranda Morley, a Certified Professional Resume Writer with a Masters of Art Degree in English from Purdue University. For the past 10 years, Miranda has offered guaranteed resume services to thousands of individuals and has had fewer than three people use the guarantee to obtain a revised resume. Miranda studied personal branding and LinkedIn as part of her graduate thesis research. Across the years, she has had many positive, testimonials.

“Thank you so much for this resume! It looks great – I’m in such awe! I am so grateful for all the work you’ve put into this…Everyone should know how incredible you are!” – BJ – Education 

“It is clear that you are gifted in writing. These is no way that I could make what I do sound half as good.” – MT – Construction 

“Miranda and her team are AMAZING!! We couldn’t be happier with their services!!” – RT 


Do you offer a Guarantee?

Yes, our resume service is guaranteed. If you do not receive an interview in  60 days, we will re-write your resume for free.

Is your free consultation just a sales call?

No! Bring a pencil and paper and be ready to write. My free consultations are packed with important information for how you can improve your situation. If I feel that my company can be of service, I will let you know how.