This is one of the most commonly asked interview questions, whether it is a screening interview with HR, one that you do with a robot, over video, or even as the final interview they will often ask you to tell them about yourself. There is a structure for this question that I have found works very well.

Begin by cultivating a one sentence personal branding statement that begins with “I am,” such as “I am a marketing executive specializing in digital marketing.” It could also include some elements about things that you do in the community or what you have done in other positions that you’ve held. It’s that one sentence statement, much like a LinkedIn headline. It’s the thesis of you in a one sentence statement. 

Afterwards, you’ll want to take about 2-3 written lines, basically a small paragraph, to go over the highlights of your work history. Essentially highlighting what you have done, going over some of the major points of your career, and ending with what it is you’re looking forward to doing. When speaking about what you are looking forward to, make sure to specifically focus on this opportunity within the particular company you’re interviewing for, following with something fun about you personally to leave them with to help them remember you. 

The whole answer “to tell me about yourself,” should really not take longer than a minute. If you  follow that format and practice by writing out in advance, you will have a really good answer to that question.

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